A lot of parents really don’t know what to feed their kids when it comes to diet and nutrition for obese children.

However, kids of different ages will have different nutritional needs, and as a parent what you choose to feed them should fit those specific needs. You should also keep in mind that the diet consists of all the foods you feed them. But nutrition will be the way that the food you give them nourishes their bodies, so as caregivers we need to make good nutritional choices in what we prepare for meals.

We should always encourage our kids to eat 5 or more servings of vegetables, plus fruits on a daily basis. In many cases this can become somewhat of a struggle, especially in a world were fast foods such as cheeseburgers, fries, and nuggets can control or even dominate the minds of little ones.

We should constantly promote good eating habits very early in life offering them as toddlers, many different types of healthy foods. You should also allow them to see you eat and enjoy the same foods, especially when it comes to fruits, and veggies. They will soon learn to adopt the same good eating habits, thus leading to much healthier and fit youngsters.

When it comes to diet and nutrition for obese children, there are several different ways to get them to eat their vegetables and fruits. First of all you will need to know exactly what foods your kids like to eat. Some of their favorites maybe muffins, or yogurts, or maybe even smoothies, you can then search the internet or find cookbooks with recipes that allow you to add vegetables, and fruits to their favorites. I’m sure that strawberries added to smoothies or maybe even zucchini or bananas added to muffins will be very appetizing, not to mention healthy.

You should also allow them to go to the store with you, and to pick the fruits they like to eat. Persuade them to eat fruit salads with strawberries, melons, and cantaloupes, fix snacks with mixed nuts, raisins, and cereal, but be cautious you should know first if your little one has allergies to nuts, our goal is to make them healthy, not sick.

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